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Trimming Electric Nail Clippers

Trimming Electric Nail Clippers

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How many times have you been interrupted while clipping your nails?

This can become quite annoying, if not painful. After a long day of work, we often want only to relax and clip our nails. We want to check our phones or watch a video while clipping our nails. Our Trimming Electric Nail Clippers allow you to trim your nails smoothly and swiftly with your eyes closed!

Electric Nail Clippers -SPOPSPURT

Suitable for everyone, Trimming nails has never been easier and safer! Designed specifically to accommodate any size, foot care has never been easier. This electric nail clipper can be used on babies, children, the elderly, and people with poor eyesight. Great for busy people that lack the time to run to the salon.

Trimming Electric Nail Clippers - SpopSpurt

👉😍Main Features 

👌Quick and Automatically Trimming: It only takes 10 seconds to trim a finger's nails! Just position your fingers as shown and pull the trigger. A 360-degree rotation of the blade allows for trimming and polishing nails in one go. Sharp blades are great for hard, thick nails and help you maintain grooming habits and proper hygiene in the comfort of your home.

👌Anti-Splashing Design: No matter whether you're at home or out of home, our electric nail clippers can help you cut your nails fast and cleanly. It comes with a built-in nail catcher for automatic nail collection. You don't need to worry about nail scraps splashing everywhere when you use it on your bed or sofa which would keep your house clean after cutting nails. It is so easy to use, once you have it in hand.

👌Take care of your loving skin:  Worried about cutting your skin? No more worries! Here comes the electric nail clipper that can cut, trim, polish, file, and remove debris at the same time. It is small and portable, easy to carry in your pockets or bags, so you can use it at any time anywhere.

Trimming Electric Nail Clippers - SpopSpurt

👌Less noise: Introducing a new, compact, and powerful baby nail clipper. The tiny shape makes it easy to trim even a baby’s tiny fingernails. It operates quietly (under 45dB) so it won't disturb your baby while he/she sleeps. It comes with a cover that is perfect for preventing children from blade exposure when being carried around in your bag or anywhere else.

Trimming Electric Nail Clippers


✔️How to Use It: 

  • open the nail Clipper cover Trimming Electric Nail Clippers
  • Click the Switch to turn on Trimming Electric Nail Clippers
  • Reach your Finger to the entrance to start Trimming Electric Nail Clippers

 NOTE: Please don't trim the same position for too long 

😍🎁Wonderful Gift Idea: This professional electric nail clipper can be used in manicure salons, toenail salons, as well as at home for babies, kids, men, women, seniors even pets. It's a great gift for family and friends!

Trimming Electric Nail Clippers


Charging Voltage: 5V ( USB Charging) 

Rated Voltage/ Power: 5V/2.5W

Noise: 45dB

Battery: 500mA 3.7V

Material: ABS + Metal Plated

🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🤔Common Question & Answers: ✔️

Question: Can the elderly use it?
Answer: Yes, The elderly may have difficulties with traditional nail clippers, they may don't have a good vision, are too weak to operate traditional nail clippers, or has arthritis in their hands, but with this electric nail clipper, they can trim their fingernails easily and fast.
Question: I never have had this before, Is this electric nail clipper the same as a regular nail cutter?
Answer: This electric nail clipper is different from regular nail cutters, it cuts your nails bit by bit, so when it is done, your nails are smooth, no need to file/grind nails. And the most important is, that it is easy to operate and safe, very suitable for babies, kids, and senior people.
Question: Does the nail debris box work well?
Answer: Yes it does

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 Trimming Electric Nail Clippers

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